Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mustafa Kemal ATATURK

I am sure that you don’t know anything about Mustafa Kemal and also you can ask “Who is Mustafa Kemal”. Mustafa Kemal is creator of the Republic of Turkey and hero of the Turkish independence war. In Turkey, a lot of people want to have Mustafa Kemal’s characteristics and human skills. There are two important subjects to admire Mustafa Kemal. One of them is the tactical knowledge, and the other one is political knowledge.

Mustafa Kemal was not only an excellent politician but also he was a good soldier. He managed the Ottoman army during Canakkale War in WW1 and the Ottoman army didn’t permit to pass English, French, Anzac, Italian armies. This war only went on fifteen days. During the Canakkale war over five hundred thousand people died. Lots of foreign army leaders accepted their failure. Therefore they returned back. Everybody started to respect Mustafa Kemal after Canakkale war. Despite this victory, the Ottoman Empire failed in WW1, because other countries which were in a group with the Ottoman Empire, failed against the other group. So, England, France and Italy, which were the winners of WW1, separated the Ottoman Empire. It remained very small land for Turkish people after separating. As a result of this, Turkish people with Mustafa Kemal started a new war. The name of the war was Turkish independence war. The Turkish army, which fought a lot of wars, was very tired. These wars were Balkan war, WW1 and Turkish independence war. In spite of tiring, Turkish army won the battle with Mustafa Kemal’s tactical knowledge and battle knowledge. It beat French, Greek and Russian army and English and Italian army dealt with the Republic of Turkey and they left without battle.

Secondly, Mustafa Kemal had an extraordinary intelligence about political knowledge. He established good relationships with Russia. He provided guns, bullets, planes etc. for independence war. Moreover, he didn’t accept anything after the war that was insisted by allied forces- England, France, Greece. Treaty of Lozan was signed by allied forces and the Republic of Turkey. As a result of this, Turkey became independent, free. And then Mustafa Kemal was chosen first president in Turkey. He started to apply revolutions for a new country. He also managed relationships between Turkey and other countries. Turkey went forward until he died. His political intelligence was respected by inside and outside Turkey. He was a very forward-looking person. We still use his revolutions in Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal is master of Turkey. He was a good soldier and at the same time good politician. Everybody respects his tactical knowledge and political intelligence. He didn’t want to fight, but sometimes there are situations which almost require going to war. He said to emphasize importance of peace “peace in motherland, peace all over the world”. There are also a lot of reasons to love Mustafa Kemal. He saved our country with his friends. I wish I could be as him. We remember with respect and we miss him a lot.
Wonderful Thanksgiving Break

Every country all over the world has a lot of different official holidays. There is a very different holiday in US. A person who doesn’t know this holiday name can ask. Its name is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a special holiday for American people. However, I am Turkish, so I don’t feel anything for thanksgiving. I am very excited because of another reason which I went on a long trip. This trip became two parts. One of them is South Carolina and the other one is Miami.

I left Carbondale last Friday at 5 A.M. with two other Turkish people. The trip was not only exciting but also tiring , we arrived in South Carolina at 2 P.M. Columbia which is the capital city of South Carolina is not too big but is very beautiful place. First, we went to an Arabic restaurant and ate something. Afterwards there were a lot of places to tour. We walked around Columbia. We took lots of photos. Moreover, we went to bars to drink something and meet new people. Turkish people, who have lived in Columbia, helped us to tour and meet new people. All of them are very helpful and good people. We left Columbia, and went on to Miami the next day.

Miami is one of the most beautiful places, I have ever seen. The trip was really tiring but we forgot about that when we saw Miami. There were a lot of huge buildings ,and also the temperature was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The sea was wonderful. Therefore everything was wonderful. We didn’t know what we would do initially, because we didn’t know anything about Miami. First, we found a hotel and unpackaged our luggage. Afterwards, we slept at night. We toured Miami the next day. We went to South Beach -most popular place in Miami- and Downtown, took a lot of photos there too. We shopped at South Beach where there are a lot of shops there. We bought clothes from Armani and Gap. Then we went back to the hotel to sleep and returned back to Carbondale the next day. The return trip was over 20 hours: it was very tiring.

Trips are very significant for me because you have chances to meet new people, new cultures, new places etc. Our trip was very tiring but I think that I gained a lot of experiences, and lots of memory. Because of this reason, I advise you to see new places and new cultures. You may be sure that you earn a lot of things. This trip is not the first for me and will not be the last.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dogukan Deveci
EAP1 Culture Through Film class 056
Midterm Exam

Critics of Tom Hanks’s roles “Catch Me if You Can” and “A League of Their Own”

Movies are one of the most important parts of our lives. We have got a lot of experiences thanks to movies. I want to explain the roles of Tom Hanks, because he plays excellent.What kind of similarities or differences are there between Tom Hank's roles? Actually, I couldn’t find any similarities, although there are many differences between two roles. In the movie “Catch Me if You Can”, Tom Hanks was an FBI agent. According to his role, he was very honest, reliable, and responsible and also he took his job seriously. He spent a lot of time to catch Frank Abagnale. It shows that how serious he was in his job. On the other hand, in the movie “A League of Their Own”, Tom Hanks plays very different role than “Catch Me if You Can”. He always drinks and he is very rude against women. He doesn’t take any responsibility about his job, he doesn’t care about it. He may be a good baseball player. However, we don’t watch anything about his playing. We only know that he is a good baseball player. In my opinion, the two roles are very opposite from each other. But I expect that Tom Hanks will consider what I am doing. Moreover, he will take responsibilities about his job in the future like the first movie. Finally, I think that the two roles which is played by Tom Hanks, shows that how to play two opposite roles very well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dogukan Deveci
There are a lot of problems to adapt a new country. Some of them are food, transportation, and communication

1- You are in a new country and it has its own food culture.
- Productivity and effectiveness decrease
- Religions affect the food culture

2- The transportation is one of the most important subjects to adapt a new place.
- Transportation ways
- The importance of the mass transportation
3-Communication is extremely difficult if you don’t speak a foreign language very well.
- Shy people
- Difficulties of adaptation a new language
Food, transportation and communication aren’t actually very important issues. Believing in yourself to achieve your goal is the important issue in order to overcome them.

A New Place
People who are all over the world go anywhere sometimes for working, traveling or studying. The place where people go is another country. It has a different culture, language, life-style-economic situation etc. If you want to live this new country, you will adapt to this situation. Of course, there are a lot of problems to adapt a new country. Some of them are food, transportation, and communication.

First of all, you are in a new country and it has its own food culture. Food is very important subject for people because it affects many subjects. Unless you eat adequate, your productivity, effectiveness is decrease. Also more important than this subject is some religions don’t accept to eat some foods. For instance, Islam and Judaism don’t allow eating pork. But many fast foods in America include pork or lard. Because of this reason, especially it is very difficult to adapt the food culture in America for Islamic and Judaic people.

Secondly, the transportation is one of the most important subjects in adapting to new place. If good mass transportation is available, life is easier. However, you live in such as Carbondale, transportation is a problem, because unless you have a car in Carbondale, there is no chance to go anywhere. There are only five cabs and a few buses which depart once an hour. The weather is very cold and you want to go home, and also you miss the bus, there is not anything to do. Unless you are rich enough to have a car, it is very difficult to get around in Carbondale.

Third of them is communication. Communication is extremely difficult if you don’t speak a foreign language very well, because unless you speak foreign language, nobody understands you. You can’t get which you want. You can’t go anywhere. Therefore, you will sit your home every time. You want to watch TV or listening radio. However, you can’t understand anything. So, you will be depressed and bored. If you are a shy person, you will be sad and you will want to go your country. On the other hand, if you are strong person and say that “I will challenge and I will succeed. You can be sure that you will succeed.

At the end, there are a lot of problem which you encounter. However, you must face all of these problems and have to be decisive person to challenge them. Food, transportation and communication aren’t actually very important issues. Believing in yourself to achieve your goal is the important issue in order to overcome them.
Dogukan Deveci
Most Popular Soccer Teams in Turkey

Soccer is the one of the most important industry all over the world now. Soccer teams pay large amount of money for transfers, and also millions fans watch soccer games. In addition to this, soccer is extremely significant for the Turkish people. Turkish people generally support three strong teams; these are Besiktas, Galatasaray, and Fenerbahce. These three teams have a lot of achievements in Turkey and Europe.

Besiktas is the oldest club in Turkey, which was established in 1903. It has approximately ten million fans. Its colors are black and white which come from the Turkish independence war. Besiktas’s achievements are less than the other two teams. It has ten championships in Turkish Soccer League and it played the quarter final in the UEFA Championship in 2003.

The second oldest team is Galatasaray, which was established in 1905. Its name comes from Galatasaray High School in Istanbul. When Galatasaray Soccer Team was established, its colors are yellow and white. However, Galatasaray High School lost a lot of their students during the Turkish Independence War. Because of this, Galatasaray soccer team changed its colors from yellow and white to red, black, and yellow. Red symbolizes blood and also black symbolizes sadness. Galatasaray, which is one of the most respected soccer clubs in Europe is the winner of the UEFA Cup in 2000 and Super Cup in 2001. Moreover, it played the Quarter Final in Champions league which is the most important organization in Europe, is only accepted the champions which is in its own league. It has also over than twenty million supporters in Turkey.

The youngest team among the three teams is Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce is the one of the most significant teams in Europe. It has a lot of world stars on the team, for example, Alex De Souza from Brazil, Anelka from France, Ortega from Argentina etc. Fenerbahce, which has sixteen championships, has the most championships in Turkish Soccer League. At the same time, it has got a Balkan Championship. Fenerbahce is playing in the Champions League now. It has a chance to go to the Champions League Finals. There are also over 25 millions fans; it is the biggest club in Turkey.

Finally, soccer is very important for Turkish people, a lifestyle. The Turkish people don’t watch the soccer matches. They feel the matches and they live them. The three soccer clubs are very significant and special for Turkey. Although, they are rivals; at the same time they have good friendships among three soccer clubs. And this strong friendship will continue forever.

Dogukan Deveci
Catch me if you can
Weblog writing assignment #1
1-Leonardo Di Caprio plays Frank Abagnale Jr. I enjoyed his acting too much.

2-He is handsome, polite person like your father. He is also a fraud. He is very smart. Moreover, he can learn anything easily. He can easily adapt big changes and he is just sixteen years old.

3-Frank Abagnale Jr. was a rich person when the film began. And then, his father’s business failed. In addition to this, his parents divorced. He lived a lot or difficulties. He had to earn money and he found the easiest way to earn money. He became a fraud. As a result, he earned a lot of money by this way. However, the FBI started to follow Frank Abagnale to catch.

4-He will be arrested by the FBI. He is going to go to the prison.
Dogukan Deveci
Weblog writing assignment #2

a- Frank Jr. is polite, cute, smart person. At the same time, he is a fraud. However, he didn’t want to be a fraud. He affects very badly after divorcing his parent. In spite of his age, he used his mind and got a lot of money. When he got a lot of money, he carried on his role. He used a lot of name and job and nobody suspected.

b- There is a different relationship between Frank Jr. and Frank Sr. Their relationship depend on friendship. Frank Sr. always supports his son. Moreover, he loves his father very much and he doesn’t want to break your hearth.

c- Carl Hanratty is very decisive, smooth, cool and smart person. He wants to catch Frank Jr. very much. However he talks Frank Jr. on the phone like his father. He doesn’t want to break his heart.

2- I like Frank Sr. because he is very polite, kind, and attractive person. He can get everything which he wants.

3- First of all, Frank Sr. takes an award and than his business fall down. Frank Jr.’s parents divorce. Frank Jr. goes out his home. He makes fake checks. But banks don’t accept his checks. Because of this, he becomes a pilot. He has a lot of money. Then, He becomes a doctor, lawyer etc. The FBI follows him, however FBI can’t catch him. Finally, FBI catches him in France. He goes to the prison, The FBI makes an offer which he works with FBI together.

4- In my opinion, the favorite elements of the movie are the costumes and the environment which the movie happens, because they are unique. The scene was completed with costumes, cars and houses.

5- I don’t like the soundtracks. Because of these soundtracks, I won’t watch the movie again.

6- The movie is extremely good except soundtracks. I should recommend this movie my friends.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

EAP1 Culture Through Film
Term 056

Name: Frank Abagnale Jr.
Job : Fraud
Family information: His father is a business man, mother is a housewife.
Personal characteristics: good-looking, smart, attractive.
Problems: helpless, alone

Name: Carl Hanratty
Job: FBI agent
Personal characteristics: quiet, patient, decisive, smart
Problems: lonely

Name: Frank Abagnale Sr.
Job: Business man
Personal characteristics: well-speaking, attractive, and handsome
Problems: depressive, lonely, sadness because he failed his business

Name: Paula Abagnale
Job: Housewife
Personal Characteristics: beautiful, attractive, romantic
Problems : silly

Name: Cherly Ann
Job: model
Personal characteristics: wonderful, attractive, impressive
Problems: she needs to love

Name: Brenda Strong
Job: Nurse
Family information: his father is a lawyer, also a rich man. His mother is a housewife.
Personal Characteristics: pretty, sweety, beautiful.
Problems: she loves frank Jr. too much, and she believes him

Name: Roger Strong
Job: Lawyer
Personal Characteristics: decisive person. He loves his daughter too much.
Problems: he doesn’t recognize people.

Name: Carol Strong
Job: Housewife
Personal Characteristics: she loves her daughter too much she is also emotional.

Name: Assistant Director Marsh
Job: FBI Agent
Personal Characteristics: silly
Types of Love

The article of “Types of Love,” which is written by Bernard Seal, states that there were many types of love and lover. These are ludus love, storgic love, manic love, pragmatic love and erotic love. Ludus love is a game. Ludic lover who is in ludus love can play a game against the partner. Because of this, ludic lover change his/her partner frequently. Sexual fidelity isn’t the major importance for ludic lover. Like ludus love, storge love lacks passion and intensity. However, there is a difference between ludus and storge love. Ludic lover is aware of passion but keeps it in under control, but it is impossible for storgic lover.Storgic lover wants to share activities and interests with his/her partner. Sex comes late for storgic lover. The feelings and separation develops very slowly and so gradually in storgic relationships. Mania lover is very different to ludic and storgic lover. Mania lover love intensely. However, they are afraid of losing their love. Manic lover are always unhappy. Therefore they devote a great deal of energy to love. The pragma lover is a practical lover who seeks a relationship that will work. The most important question for the pragmatic lover is “ Will needs and desires be satisfied?”. The pragma lover searches useful relationships. The last of the love types is erotic lover. Erotic lover focuses on beauty and physical attractiveness. The physical imperfections are important. Also, erotic lover wants to experience the entire person as quickly in the relationship as possible because he/she always feels unfulfilled.

Reaction to Types of Love

In my opinion, love is one of the most powerful emotions in a person’s life. A person may feel a lot of thoughts when he/she is in love. For example pain, sadness, happiness etc. I agree with the author’s ideas to an extent. All over the world, there are many types of love and the author shows us these types of love very well. These types of love vary from each other according to their intensity and application. However, the author doesn’t enough to show the relationships among ludus, storgic, maniac, pragma and erotic love. Why can I make this argument? The author has determined the subjects and he has given a lot of details about types of love. However, the article mentions that people live only one type of love at the same time. In my opinion, Human behaviors are variable. The relationships that people live can change day to day. Environmental effects, social lives, life experiences are very important for both life and love. People may always live the different feelings. Today I can’t feel anything for my partner. Perhaps, I will love her very much tomorrow. Furthermore, I can be manic-depressive today but I would probably be a romantic lover according to my partner’s situation, emotions. Because of this reason, I think that the article doesn’t mention about these feelings and relationships.

Seal, B. (1997). Types of love In Academic encounters. (pp.203-205). NY: Cambridge